Republican Councilman Texted Underwear Picture Too

A Republican councilman from Kenner New Orléans named Joe Stagni sent an underwear picture of himself using his smartphone. The photo was sent 18 months ago to Annamaria Pizzolato, who was Kenner’s internal auditor at the time.

Following the Anthony Weiner underwear episode earlier this month, Joe Stegni issued the following apology;

“I asked for God’s mercy and forgiveness. I apologized to my wife and family and asked for their forgiveness as well. My actions and bad judgment had nothing to do with my duties and responsibilities as a public official. They were private acts, but I take full responsibility for my irresponsible behavior. This matter has been a painful experience for my family and I pray that everyone will allow our family to continue to heal. I am sorry.”

The photo was found in Kenner computer records, and dated back to Dec. 23, 2009. The text message associated with the photo came from City Councilman Joe Stagni’s phone, and was sent  to internal auditor Annamaria Pizzolato.

According to reports, the text message associated with the picture said, “I’m n trouble – serious conversation wwife.”

Funny way to deal with being in trouble – send an underwear picture of yourself to the other woman, telling her you’re in trouble because your wife may have found out about the affair!

Classic Republican way to handle these issues.

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