Olbermann To Rachel Maddow – You’re Welcome At Current T.V.

Making his rounds to the various television shows, Keith Olbermann dropped a bomb on The Jimmy Fallon show. Asked if he spoke to any of his fellow MSNBC hosts, Olbermann replied that they have all been busy since his departure.

As Rachel put it the other day on another program, we’ve both been kinda busy, so we haven’t spoken but that doesn’t mean we’re not speaking. It’s just, you know, as you just alluded to when I left, perhaps there was a little… friction.

Olbermann then dropped the bomb;

Someday I’ll really like Rachel to come and work with me at Current, when legally she’s available to do so.

Fallon then suggested that MSNBC will be very mad if Rachel left and joined Olbermann at Current TV, to which Olbermann replied, “tough!”

See the clip below, it begins around the 16 minute mark.

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