Glenn Beck Punks Out On Van Jones’ Challenge

Glenn Beck is more than happy to sit behind the camera on Fox News or behind the microphone of his radio talk show, and debate himself. The scary part is when he declares himself the winner of those debates, something that happens more times than any sane person should admit to.

Beck was recently given a chance to have a real debate,  a “fight”, a “discussion”. He was given the chance to have an “argument”, a “battle of ideas” from his favorite political rival, Van Jones. Mr. Jones – who, in 2009 had to resign his job at the White House because of the constant lies and character assassinations told about him on Beck’s shows,  issued a challenge to Beck, saying;

I issue a personal challenge to my beloved brother Glenn Beck. I will debate you anytime, anywhere, at any point. I’ll give you an hour, you give me five minutes. And I will stand up for our values. But you would have to stop talking about us and start talking to us.

You got one week left before your show goes off. My phone is ringing. Call me! Call me, Glenn Beck! And let’s have this fight. Let’s have this discussion. Let’s have this argument. Let’s have this battle of ideas. Battle of ideas. And let’s fight for liberty and justice for all.

This would seem like the perfect opportunity for Beck to prove to his radio and television audiences that all the things he’s said about Jones were true. It would seem that Beck would finally have the opportunity to shed some real light on Jones’s true “communistic” character, and at the same time, prove to America that he (Beck) was not just pulling words out of thin air or making stuff up. It would seem like the right thing to do…

But what was Beck’s response?

He retreats back to the rubber room, comfort zone of his radio show where all that he says goes forever unchallenged, and spends 9 minutes continuing his smear campaign against Van Jones, calling him a “communist revolutionist” who formed a group to take over the government.

Yeah Beck, but are you going to accept the challenge? Back up what you say and join Mr. Jones in a debate.

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