Ed Shultz – The Pot Calling The Weiner Black

Fresh off his very own one week suspension for calling Laura Ingraham a “Slut,” Ed Shultz – host of the nightly 10PM time slot on MSNBC called The Ed Show – tore into Anthony Weiner, demanding that the congressman retire his seat in House of Representatives, telling his audience on Monday night’s show, Anthony Weiner lied, and his constituents may no longer trust the congressman.

Now, as an American worker put yourself in the Congressman’s position. He’s tweeting pictures to a girl half his age on company time and lying about it to the boss. By the way, you’re the taxpayer. You’re the boss. Do you think you would survive that in your workplace?

Maybe you would. Maybe that’s just the way America and society is now. I have no interest in Congressman Weiner’s private life. He and his wife, I think, have got quite a bit to deal with and work out at this point. He made this a public issue. He did it. When he lied repeatedly during a media tour that lasted a week.

This is about trust. Do you trust what he says now? This is about character. And this is about the people and what the people of this country deserve in elected officials. All of the people that have gotten in trouble before I’ve advocated them resigning because the taxpayers deserve total focus. Congressman Weiner, if you believe in yourself, you will resign and you will come back and run again in 2012 because that’s what the taxpayers deserve.

Ed spent the majority of his show talking about Rep. Anthony Weiner and asking his many guests whether they believe the congressman should retire. None of the guest including Rev. Al Sharpton supported Shultz’s call for Weiner to step down.

Even a telephone poll conducted on the show showed strong disagreement with Ed’s position, with over 67% wanting Weiner to continue as Representative of New York, and just 33% siding with Mr. Shultz.

This is one time Ed should listen to his viewers.

Anthony Weiner has always been one of the loudest voices in Congress when it comes to fighting for the middle class American worker. He has represented New York well. He has never claimed to be an angel, and neither is Ed Shultz. Ed calls Ingraham a “slut”, apologized, and maintains his job. Weiner sent half nude photos of himself, apologized, but Ed wants him to quit.

Come on Ed, you cannot be more wrong on this matter.

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