David Vitter Has A Job, But Anthony Weiner Decides To Retire

We called it here first. Moments after Anthony Weiner went infront of the podium and proclaimed that he was responsible for the tweet that started the so-called Weinergate – where his apparent sin was texting, then lying to the almighty press, claiming he didn’t have any idea who sent the personal text messages to different women – ¬†we predicted that the next time Weiner gives a press conference, it will be to state his¬†resignation.

Meanwhile, Republican David Vitter, the man who paid for sex from prostitutes while still a member of congress, still has a job as a member of congress.

Although we hoped to be wrong on that prediction, reports out today suggests we were right. Anthony Weiner is getting ready to announce his retirement from the House of Representatives. Chalk this one up as a win for the Republicans.

There was only so much Mr. Weiner could take. Pressure to retire was coming from both sides of the political divide, and his Democratic “friends” and leaders in congress all but turned their backs on their out-spoken Democratic congress member. From Leader Pelosi, who announced her intention to investigate Weinergate, to a Republican freshmen who called Weiner a “distraction,” to political talking heads like Ed Shultz, who seemed to be on a personal mission to get Mr. Weiner to resign.

But when President Obama earlier this week joined the chorus and suggested that “if it were me, I would resign,” Mr. Weiner saw the writing on the wall and realized that his fate was sealed.

We said it before and we’ll say it again. Losing Anthony Weiner is a major blow to the Democratic voice in Congress. He was an out-spoken member, and stood his grounds for the people of his district and for America’s middle class in general. Yes, chalk this one up for the Republicans, their job to eliminate the middle class without objection just got a little easier with Weiner out of the picture.

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