The Republican War Against Women Continues in Texas

A Law requiring doctors to take a sonogram of a fetus before performing an abortion, goes into effect as soon as Republican Governor Rick Perry of Texas signs the bill. It passed both the Texas House and Senate, and promise to be one of the most anti-abortion measures yet.

The framer of the bill – a man who could never understand the pain and reasoning behind the decision to have an abortion – Republican Representative Sid Miller from Stephenville, admits to the far-reaching intent of the bill, telling reporters; “this will be one of the strongest pieces of sonogram legislation in the nation.” He also predicted that the bill would “save numerous unborn lives.”

According to reporting from the New York Times;

“The bill requires a doctor to conduct a sonogram at least 24 hours before an abortion and to give the woman the opportunity to see the results and hear the heartbeat of the fetus. Though the woman can choose not to view the images and hear the heartbeat, the doctor must describe what the sonogram shows, including the existence of legs, arms and internal organs.”

Opponents of the bill say that this is just another attempt by “get-the-government-out-of-our-lives” Republicans to control the most intimate and personal decision an individual may make.

Other states have already begun or passed similar measures. A recent count reveals that since Republicans took over the House of Representatives in January, Republican controlled states all over this country have engaged on an all out assault against women, bringing some 916 bills against a women’s reproductive rights.

The promise by John Boehner, the Republican House Speaker to make “jobs jobs jobs” their number one priority has fallen on deaf ears, as the conservative ideology of “small government” apparently does not include their control over a woman’s right to choose.

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