Palin Prefers The Smell of Motor Cycle Emissions In The Morning

In another blatant and apparent attempt to pander to the motor-cycle community, Sarah Palin opened her mouth and her foot jumped in. Asked by a FOX reporter if all her stops along her bus tour will be as rowdy as the motor-cycle event Palin crashed, the Alaskan governor quitter answered that she loves the smell of “emissions.”

“Ohhh, it would be a BLAST if they were this loudy, and if they smelled this good. I love that smell of the emissions!”

I love motor-cycles, but quite frankly, I prefer the smell of a nice, freshly brewed cup of coffee in the morning. I can’t help but wonder how the Tea Party  feels knowing that Sarah’s preferred smell in the morning is motor-cycle emissions… and not tea. And wondering even more, is Mrs. Palin going to be strapped to the back of her bus for the great smell?

Or maybe, just maybe she will have a hose strapped to her tour bus’ exhaust pipe to bring that wonderful smell directly into the bus. Can we ask that all the windows stay shut? Would that be asking too much?

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