Obama Looking Safer In Wisconsin

Those are not my words, it is actually a new headline coming from a new Public Policy Polling. The poll finds that when compared to a previous poll taken in February 2011 when the President approval in Wisconsin “was looking a little more vulnerable,” the new poll shows “increased margins over Romney and the rest of the remaining [GOP] crew.”

The president’s approval rating is up to 52%, with 44% disapproving, double the margin of his 49-45 spread in the previous poll. Meanwhile, all his potential opponents tested have cratered in popularity, with the worst being newly official candidate Newt Gingrich.Gingrich was already at a 26-49 favorability spread in February, but now measures at 15-67, a 29-point decline, and now worse than Sarah Palin’s 32-63.

Romney now trails the president, 51-39, and Gingrich has fallen six points from that same mark to 53-35, just a point better than Palin’s 55-36 deficit. The president wins with independents by 11 to 24 points, but still has room to improve; respondents report voting for him over McCain by only nine points.

The talk now within the conservative media is that Donald Trump actually worked for the President. Conservatives/Republicans have come up with the theory that President Obama sent Trump out with one mission – say the most outrageous things possible, get the Republicans to buy into the nonsense and let the rest of America see how easily gullible and crazy these Republicans are.

But my question to the conservative media is, why stop with Trump? When you look at these results and the huge favorably numbers for the President in Wisconsin, maybe, just maybe the Wisconsin governor Scott Walker is also on the Obama payroll. Maybe President Obama told Walker to implement the most radical union busting policies in Wisconsin, thus, turning the people against the Republicans and in effect, improving the President’s numbers.

And could it be possible that the other Republican governors nationwide are also on the President’s payroll? We’ve all seen the backlash from Americans in Republican led states, thus leading to better approval numbers for Democrats. Could it be? Could it really be?

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