Newt To Make Presidential Announcement This Week

In two days the wait will be over, for on Wednesday Newt Gingrich will make his official announcement concerning his run for the Presidency, and he plans to use the social media to state his plans.

The former House speaker will announce his presidential candidacy Wednesday on Facebook and Twitter, according to his spokesman. Rick Tyler posted Monday on Twitter that Gingrich will make it official, give his first interview as a White House candidate on Fox News and then speak to Georgia Republicans at their annual convention on Friday.

Minutes later, Gingrich himself took to Twitter. “Be sure to watch Hannity this Wednesday at 9pm ET/8pm CT,” he posted. “I will be on to talk about my run for President of the United States.”

If Newt announce that he will in fact, run for President in 2012, he will join a growing list of non-contenders thus far. Among the other Republican candidates are, little Timmy Pawlenty, the pizza-man Herman Cain, the professional presidential candidate Ron Paul and the 2006 Senate loser Rick Santorum. There is another guy who appeared in the Fox News Republican debate recently, but he left absolutely no impression on the audience and quite frankly, my mind has better things to do than to remember his name.

Of course, others are expected to join Newt and his ilk. We can hardly wait.

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