Rudy Giuliani Will Run For President, Or Maybe Not

The “Republican possible presidential candidate” plot thickens… well, sort of. This time, it’s the former mayor of New York and 2008 first round presidential drop out, Rudy Giuliani. On Meet The Press last Sunday, Giuliani opened wide the door to running, then closed it ever so slightly. Now, the door is just a little ajar.

GIULIANI: This was a risky decision to make. The president made it, he made it correctly, including the decision, I think, to dispose of bin Laden’s body so that wouldn’t become a cause célèbre. So I think these men, these firefighters and police officers that he met with, are men who exercise bravery every day in their lives, I think they admire that in the president.

GREGORY:  Does it impact at all, Mayor Giuliani, your thinking about running for president next year?

GIULIANI:  No.  Not in the slightest.  I separate the two things.  This was an American achievement.  Two presidents get great credit for it.  I also thanked President Bush this week because, no matter what, what about the debate, no matter what you come out on the debate of–about waterboarding, no doubt, all of the work he did and the changes he made in intelligence brought this about.  And President Obama’s improving that, and his decision-making brought it about.  It’s a great achievement for both presidents, both political parties, all Americans.

GREGORY:  And you’re still considering a run for the presidency?

GIULIANI:  Not, not right this minute, but, yes, I am.

You got to hand it to this group of misfits. They take a licking and somehow, keep on ticking.

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