And The Worst Senator In The Country Goes To…

A new poll from Public Policy Polling confirmed what we already knew – that no one likes Donald Trump or Sarah Palin. But have you ever wondered who were the worst senators in Washington? Well according to this same poll, Senator John McCain comes in second to last, giving up that dubious distinction to… Senator Joe Leibermann of Connecticut.

Arizona Senator John McCain — who had a 40 percent approval rating in the firm’s January polling — now has a 34 percent approval rating, the second-lowest among U.S. senatorsĀ in the nation.

“[McCain] has improved considerably with the GOP after a bruising primary battle last summer and his White House loss, but he is in the basement with everyone else,” the pollsters say in a statement.

The only U.S. Senator disliked more than John McCain is Independent Connecticut Senator Joe Lieberman — with just 29 percent of Connecticut respondents approving of his job performance.

To be fair to McCain, Republican Nevada Senator John Ensign had a lower approval rating than The Maverick — but it doesn’t really count, since Ensign quit his post earlier in the week amid an ethics investigation.

The Maverick just can’t get a break. On both ends of the spectrum, he’s failing… He came in second in the 2008 Presidential election, then comes in second to last as the worst senator. Sometimes life can be so unfair!

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