A Republican Shellacking Like No Other In N.Y-26

Remember this Republican dude? You know… the one who was caught emailing half-naked pictures of himself to women on Craigslist? Yeah, him. He immediately resigned his position in congress after the story broke because he didn’t want to bring embarrassment to his wife and kids.

Yeah, that’s the dude. He represented a district in New York that many consider to be the most conservative district nationwide. This district, called New York 26, made history yesterday. In a special election to replace the shirtless Republican dude with the red phone, a Democrat won! I’ll say that again… a democrat won in a district that should have went Republican even if no Republican names were on the ballot.

This is huge news… HUGE! (the way The Donald would say it)! And the thanks for this Democratic victory goes to another Republican named, Paul Ryan.

This Republican Paul Ryan dude is very wicked… wicked and sinister! How wicked is he? This dude is so wicked, that he created a budget infamously called, The Paul Ryan Budget. In this budget, which was agreed to by just about every Republican in the House of Representatives, Paul Ryan advocates for the biggest transfer of wealth from the poor and middle class, to the richest 2% of Americans. If his budget is ever enacted, over $3 trillion dollars would be taken from the middle class and given to the rich over a period of 10 years.

But that’s not all the Ryan Budget does, no not by a long shot! Hear this… The Ryan Budget also wants seniors to give up Medicare as they know it today, and in its place, take a $6,000 voucher instead. These seniors are then expected to use this voucher and shop for health insurance on the private market. The question seniors are asking these Republicans is to name one private insurance company who will insure seniors with a $6,000 voucher, considering the many ailments affecting this segment of society, and considering the for-profit nature of private insurance. So far, no Republicans – including the clean-cut but sinister Paul Ryan himself – have answered their concerns.

This brings us back to NY-26.

The Democrat in the special election Kathy Hochul,  disagreed with The Paul Ryan Budget and promised her district that if she won, she will fight the Ryan Budget with all her might. The Republican candidate on the other hand – Jane Corwin, fell in lockstep with the Ryan Budget and agreed with its drastic measures wholeheartedly, and even had the big-wigs from Washington campaign on her behalf. John Boehner, an ardent supporter of The Ryan Budget, the Republican Speaker of the House of Representatives and the third in line to be President of The United States if anything happens to the President or Vice-President, went to NY-26 and told the Republican conservative district to vote for his candidate.

But last night, Democrats, Republicans and Independents in NY-26 went to the polls and elected the first Democrat in over 50 years.

Democrats are calling this victory a referendum on Republicans and their quest for ultimate control over the lives of free thinking Americans. Republicans on the other hand will try to come up with all sorts of excuses to explain why they lost NY-26. One reason already being pushed is the claim that votes cast for the third candidate, a Teaparty favorite, would have given the Republican candidate the win, had the Teaparty candidate not entered the race.

Sure. This was a shellacking! No two ways about it. The American people have spoken. The Republican quest to control every aspect of our lives and turn that control over to the Corporate élite has been put on notice.

If NY-26 is any indication, expect nothing less than a Republican whipping in the 2012 elections.

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