The Young, The Poor, The Blacks And The Stupid

As we near the time for the gathering of soothe sayers, spin doctors and corporate-made shills to throw their hats in the ring for the circus of illusions that the 2012 presidential elections promises to be, I’m reminded of a technique commonly used in marketing. The target consumer’s tendencies, mood and environment are studied and well-known by those merchants whose livelihood depends upon consumers viewing their products favorably. Careful consideration of wording, colors, slogans and exterior design of packaging is taken to ensure that the product is not only noticed, but that the product and its insignia or logo is remembered.

There will be jingles, there will be catchy phrases and celebrities who speak on behalf of a product that may or may not be beneficial to the consumer. If our favorite reality show star is the spokesperson for a brightly packaged processed meat product, it may just slip past us as to how much unhealthy sodium and fat content is inside the beautifully designed package.

And so it is with our political leaders. Not a hair out-of-place. Teeth freshly installed for the occasion. Talking points memorized and ready…or for one poor soul copied onto the palm of her hands. Every couple of years locally and every four years nationally, we are presented with the same warmed over, refurbished campaign rhetoric in a different suit.

Fellow Americans, we have been studied well.

The architects of this illusion we have of participation in the direction of this great nation, know us better than we know ourselves. Figuratively speaking, the political saturated fats and artificial ingredients will be disguised as organically grown, sun-kissed health food, just as sure as the marionettes of the super wealthy disguised as public servants, will be packaged to appear as if they actually have answers. The sincere and well-meaning political leaders who serve faithfully their duties are like a faint background noise in comparison to the cartoonish officials that get media play.

So as the political circus of campaign 2012 begins be careful what you consume, the contents may not be as beautiful as its wrapping.

In the words of  an R.J. Reynolds tobacco company executive “WE DONT SMOKE THAT SHIT, WE JUST SELL IT. WE RESERVE THE RIGHT TO SMOKE TO THE YOUNG, THE POOR THE BLACK AND STUPID”. You do the math.

Son of Man

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  1. lily April 13, 2011 2:26 am

    is that an actual quote by rj reynolds? where did u find it?

  2. Amy Conton April 6, 2011 12:45 am

    Yeah Ezra! We should be producing and promoting more homegrown,hayseed, grassroots politicians who could maybe grow into citizens that can separate their ideologies and motivations from power and greed to the needs of their constituents who put them in office. I don’t think politics should be a lucrative career. It should be a public service and if a politician starts to smell rotten, they’ll get thrown out and immediately replaced with someone fresh–no additives, no preservatives lol! That stuff just ain’t good for us.

  3. Ezra Grant April 5, 2011 10:33 pm

    Good insights – they’re turning America into a giant supermarket. I like what Amy said, “If it’s all about sup­ply and demand, then it’s up to the peo­ple to demand it!
    Or we just won’t shop with them anymore.”

    Can we grow our own produce?

  4. Amy Conton April 5, 2011 3:02 pm

    Love the colorful analogies lol!
    Unfortunately this nation’s has been whittled down to basically two political parties, neither of which have done anything too unexpected until Obama’s election in 2008. I think the freshness of an Obama has catapulted many ordinary folks such as myself back into politics in search of something stimulating. Politics as a product, need s to offer up a way to encourage new and innovative ideas, concepts and people into the ongoing political process. A consistent movement away from the stale, rotten, watered down politics we get offered each electoral period. If it’s all about supply and demand, then it’s up to the people to demand it!
    Or we just won’t shop with them anymore.

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