Obviously, Trump’s A Bag Of Rocks

Obviously he’s meant to be a distraction. And obviously he has no intention of running for president and quitting his day job as one of the richest men in America to take a pay cut as president of the US.

Obviously, he’s not the only one involved in his rhetoric over Obama not being an American citizen. And obviously he’s got no proof on anything he says or does regarding his info on the President’s birth certificate or lack thereof. And obviously he has no agents in Hawaii searching for secret birth information either.

Obviously Donald Trump is a played out, media whore, diva looking to get the ratings up on his show – the one that pits pitiful Hollywood has-beens up against each other vying for the oppurtunity to kiss his pinky ring -“The Apprentice”.  And obviously there will be no one of great importance backing his run for the presidency in 2012 but him, the Teabaggers and his millions, cuz the only one whose actually “begged” him to run was his reflection in a mirror.

However,  and more important than Trump and his crap, is why it seems that there is no moral compass for the so -called ‘right winged’ political party? And I’m not just talking about lourding over others about how they’re right and everyone else … just isn’t. I’m talking about your everyday ‘basics’ of morality, particularly in the public eye. The basic tenets of the Ten Commandments of  the Bible if you will: don’t  cheat, don’t lie, don’t covet, don’t steal, don’t be a pig etc.,

Why do we have politicians -who I’ve always thought should exemplify civility and fair play, sound reasoning,  good judgement, common sense and intelligence – who get up in front of a captive audience or television camera just to show the world that they know absolutely nothing about anything yet still aspire to the presidency?

And why the void of  intelligence? Is it considered too liberal to be … smart? Instead of requests for a birth certificate, shouldn’t the Birthers be requesting  I.Q. test results (which also btw tests for information retention; comprehension; common sense; a fund of factual information … helpful stuff for a politician to have, no?!) from a reputable bi-partisan monitoring organization on anyone who’s even thinking of getting into the political arena. This way we don’t waste a perfectly good vote on someone who might need to rethink their career options.

How proud would you be to be an American knowing that the likes of a Michele Bachman, a Newt Gingrich, Mitt Romney or  Donald Trump might represent the best we could come up with as leader of the country?



Amy Conton is a freelance writer and graphic designer living in New York, USA.