Michael Steele Fails To Convince Former Republicans That G.O.P Cares

I’m usually not a big fan of Ed Shultz. I know his passion for the issues, but there are times when he allows his passion to take over the debate and, in my opinion, losing focus of the bigger picture.  So for that reason, 10PM is usually the time I switch from MSNBC.

But last night, Rachel Maddow’s lead into The Ed Show made me keep the remote control at a distance. She promised that his show was going to be different, something I should not miss. Rachel was right. Last night, Ed Shultz earned his money.

Mr. Shultz had Michael Steele – the former RNC Chairman – on the show and asked some very pointed questions. Like, why haven’t Republicans done anything about the jobs situation like they promised the American people in the 2010 midterm campaigns? Of course, Steele tried to stick to his talking points, but Ed kept his cool and insisted on answers to his questions.

But the moment in the show that really brought it home for me, was when Ed introduced two Republicans citizens, one a fireman and the other a cop, who felt that the Republican party has, as they put it, “left us behind.” And listening to Michael Steele trying to calm these former Republicans and bring them back into the fold was well worth the show. Pure comedy! Trying to explain verbatim would not do the show any justice, so without further ado, watch what happened below.

You won’t be disappointed.

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