Jan Brewer’s Racist Law Voted Down… Again

Jan Brewer, the governor of Arizona who fought tooth and nail to make her racial profiling bill become law, took yet another blow on Monday when the United States of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit called the law “unconstitutional”:

PHOENIX — The United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit ruled against the State of Arizona on Monday and let stand a lower court decision blocking the most contentious parts of the state’simmigration law from going into effect.

The decision calling the provisions unconstitutional was a victory for the Obama administration, which argued that the law interfered with the federal government’s authority over immigration. Two judges ruled against Arizona, and one dissented in part from them.

Last July, just days before the law was to take effect, Judge Susan Bolton of Federal District Court issued an injunction blocking parts of it. Gov. Jan Brewer, a Republican who supports the crackdown on immigrants, filed an appeal seeking to have the injunction lifted.

After the appeals court rejected the state’s request on Monday and issued a lengthy decision indicating that it believed the state had overstepped its authority, State Senator Russell K. Pearce, a Republican who is the principal sponsor of the law, remained defiant, saying the issue would ultimately be decided by the Supreme Court.

Although she’s been wrong on just about every decision she’s made for her state, you’ve got to hand it to this Republican Governor. She is persistent, even if it means her persistence is in direct opposition to the Constitution. But then again, today’s Republican haven’t shown much respect for the Constitution anyways.


I’m just tired of the lies and nonsense coming from the GOP, so this is my little contribution to combat the nonsense!


  • Amy

    As it is Pat, the Republican and Teabagger Parties are tainted. An “honest” conservative independent would be a welcomed sight.

  • And what makes it so ironic is THE FACT that the Republicans RAN ON THE CONSTITUTION!!!!!

    Heck, Tom Tancredo should’ve ran for Governor of Colorado as a conservative independent. He’s about THE ONLY thing that’s EVEN REMOTELY close to “Honest” which the Republicans have.