Donald Trump Drops Multiple F-Bombs In Vegas Speech

Cover Your kids Ears, Donald Trump Is Talking!

It takes a very special audience to applaud this speech, and my use of the word “special” is a reference to an audience who has more than a few screws loose.

In a speech yesterday, the hero of the KKK, and the Republican’s apparent choice for their 2012 Presidential candidate, showed just how much respect he had for his audience, and the limitations of his presidential skills and vocabulary, when he dropped the F-Bomb in the middle of his speech, and on more than one occasion.

When he spoke about schools;

“We build a school, we build a road, they blow up the school, we build another school, we build another road they blow them up, we build again, in the meantime we can’t get a f***ing school in Brooklyn,” Trump says.

To his audience’s approval, he spoke on oil prices;

“We have nobody in Washington that sits back and said, you’re not going to raise that f****ing price,” he says.

And finally, while speaking about taxing Chinese goods.

“Listen you mother f***ers we’re going to tax you 25 percent,” Trump says.

This video is not censored.

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