Corporations Don’t Need A Conscience…They Have Your Leaders

Take a few minutes out of your day to keep it real. Be honest, we’ve seen this movie before. The heroes and villains are as staged as professional wrestling. The soap opera dramas of  “All My Children”,  “Young And The Restless”  and the others have nothing on the modern day “Hatfields & McCoys” that is the Democratic and Republican parties.

Stop lying…and stop lying to yourself by allowing yourself to be lied to.  We’ve been like masochists, addicted to abuse. Or an abused wife that suffers through the pain and makes excuses for her husband’s abuse of her. All the right words will be spoken and promises made, some by well meaning candidates…some by career politicians who know full well the powerlessness of their post to effect actual progress but are content in being “the face man” of authority. The truth is ‘HE WHO PAYS THE PIPER CALLS THE TUNE’.

The reason universal healthcare was watered down and made to order for the insurance companies is because  those companies financial contributions to those with the ‘power’ of the pen. According to Barack Obama himself, America’s  health industry spent hundreds of millions of dollars to block the introduction of public medical insurance and to stall other proposed legislation. Corporate power at work. There are two wars going on right now that benefit absolutely nobody but corporate interests and the weapons merchants that get paid to arm both sides of the conflict. Again, corporate interests at work.

The once great continent of Africa and all its natural resources is fertile ground for imperialists and multi-national corporate “investors” with the help of the military and propaganda to continue becoming the new legalized slave masters of the indigenous people. But don’t expect this to be a topic of interest in any presidential election, you see those same corporate investors have invested in the candidates. The 2009 election was infested with financial pay dirt. JP Morgan Chase funded both McCain and Obama, Morgan Stanley funded both  McCain and Obama, Citigroup funded both candidates as well, the list of corporate hush money donations go on… and on. These are the aforementioned ‘payers of the piper’, they are the ones calling the tunes by which we dance.

“What?” you say. “No way, surely we would’ve been hipped to this”.


General Electric’s media holdings include MSNBC, BRAVO and Telemundo. Disney, another multinational, multi-tentacled, multi mind-bending corporation controls 277 radio stations and the ABC network. There are others; Viacom, Time Warner etc., These are main sources of information and so called news for the vast majority of people. A corporations job is to expand, to grow, not to care for those trampled upon as a result of their expansion efforts. So since our sources of information are fitered through them, since our politicians are outright owned by them, since our minds have been reduced to mere robotic consumers of their products…I am appealing to us to recognize that we can’t afford to believe that we have permanent friends in the white house. Black or white. If the politician, the  preacher, teacher or corporation is not serving our best interests, the only corporation that will… starts in the mirror.

Son of Man

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  1. Amy April 18, 2011 10:59 am

    I agree. And I don’t think this new mentality will happen suddenly. I think the change will be a gradual process sparked here and there by amazing phenomena. I think Obama is one of those.

  2. Son Of Man April 18, 2011 7:19 am

    @amy.Being idealistic is not a bad thing, in fact being idealistic is neccesary to produce a mentality that would sincerely operate outside of the confinement of the material driven mentality in which we currently reside. That goes for society in general not just politicians. New ideas formed from a new mind that is genuinely representative of the spirit of human nature to express itself freely would definetly be considered “idealistic” in todays sheep herd. As we evolve as a species “being yoked to an agenda influenced by power derived from money” will fade. The question is… will our immaturity create the circumstances for us to fade first. Son of Man

  3. Amy April 16, 2011 10:13 am

    @ SOM: Is it too idealistic to believe in the possibility of future candidates for the POTUS to campaign, win and then run the country outside the confines of a corporate agenda or will this position in America, a society that’s–let’s face it–fueled by capitalism, always be yoked to an agenda influenced by power derived from money?

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