Are You On The G.O.P’s Hitlist?

I know it may be quicker to list the groups the GOP are for, but I have some time and some blog space, so here goes…

Are you on GOP’s hit-list? Well you are if you’re one of these;

  1. Latinos
  2. Blacks
  3. Muslims
  4. The Middle Class
  5. The Poor
  6. Gays
  7. Democrats
  8. Independents
  9. Women
  10. The Educated
  11. Seniors
  12. All Union Members
  13. Teachers
  14. Children who were born
  15. Anyone who believes in saving the planet
  16. Public Workers

If you belong to any of the group or groups mentioned above, then watch out. There is a constant effort on the part of the Republican party to dis-empower you in the name of “Balancing the Budget” or”‘Big Government intruding on our Constitutional rights as American citizens”–take your pick.  But don’t be disheartened, there is a way you can get on the Republican’s good side. Any one of the groups listed below should be your goal if Republican Love is what you crave;

  1. The Ultra Rich
  2. A Fetus

Keep pushing America, you too can be ultra rich or a fetus someday!

Thanks to my twitter friends who contributed to this list; @MWJ1231@Fairly_Balanced@Lawsonbulk @chansa2


I’m just tired of the lies and nonsense coming from the GOP, so this is my little contribution to combat the nonsense!


  • Me

    Can we get an amen for EZKools, bullshit! Easy money aye, EZKOOL. Man, Soros must be pissed! #GOPWIN2012 The End of term of do nothing spend, spend, spend progressives, wear it proud!!!!!!!!

  • Amy Conton

    Ooh!…ooh!–I’ve got a few more!:
    1. The Tea Party (they’re becoming a thorn in their sides, what with actually expecting the GOP to keep their 2010 promises to create jobs and bring down our national debt.)
    2. Sarah Palin (She’s becoming a bit of a liability isn’t she? lol!)
    3. President Obama (Nuff said.)
    4. The Constitution (Rights?—what rights? You no got no stinkin’ rights!)