After Robbing The Middle Class, Republicans Want Us To Donate Cash

The short-sighted freshmen Republican congressmen were so blinded by the euphoria of robbing the middle class and giving to the rich, they forgot that they would need these same middle class Americans to donate more money for their re-election campaigns. Now, the reality is becoming very apparent – you can’t squeeze blood from a rock.

The New York Times reports;

Figures released by the Federal Election Commission last week showed that Mr. West raised more than $433,000 in the first quarter of the year, ranking third among all freshman Republicans. And he has already spent much of that, mostly on direct-mail fund-raising and other expenses. During the same reporting period in the 2010 campaign, Mr. West raised just over $839,000.

Two Democrats challenging Mr. West for the 2012 election, Patrick Murphy, a businessman, and Lois J. Frankel, a former mayor of West Palm Beach, did fairly well in the first quarter of 2011, raising $352,000 and $250,000 respectively.

Mr. West is one of more than two dozen Republican freshmen facing tough re-election battles in Congressional districts that lean Democratic or were won by President Obama in 2008. Others include Michael G. Grimm and Nan Hayworth of New York, Robert Hurt of Virginia, Patrick Meehan of Pennsylvania, David Schweikert of Arizona and Steve Stivers of Ohio.

Mr. Grimm, Ms. Hayworth and Mr. Meehan all raised less in this reporting period than they did a year ago.

But have no fear freshmen, the conservative-leaning Supreme Court has made it possible for corporations to donate an unlimited amount of money to you. Who needs the darn, pesky middle-class when a corporation can buy your election?

No wonder you’re so concerned about giving back to these corporations. So the vicious cycle continues…


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