Who Are We…Really?

The perception of who we are matters greatly in what comes from ourselves. Whether consciously or subconsciously, the woman or man that perceives themselves as ‘great’ carries themselves in a manner which reflects their state of mind. Whether their ‘great’ self perception is agreed upon by others is relative to what comes from the individual, be it the great energy he or she brings to the environment or actual works of accomplishment.

Who Are We… Really?

Just like our individual selves, our communities, our homes, our nation, our very planet and its condition reflects the world communities perception of who and what we are collectively. Whether by the ‘ACTIVE WILL’ of those bold enough to forge ahead and accomplish (for better or worse), or by the ‘PERMISSIVE WILL’ of those who sit in the back of the bus while others drive the bus…. “any resemblance of circumstances in recent memory is NOT a coincidence”.

From those who control international agendas to the common sheep-oh-uh, I mean person….we ALL have our energy stain and fingerprints on the now bubbling cauldron that is our world. So who are we really? What is our perception of ourselves as a nation? What can we tell about our collective state of mind by what our nations hands have shaped?

As we sit at the precipice of yet another military action, this time on the African nation of Libya, we need to think consciously, “is THIS who I am?” As we watch while our political leaders spend billions of our dollars a month on wars that cost the lives of young soldiers only to enrich the coffers of über wealthy contractors and corporations while schools close and educators become jobless, we need to contemplate with a clear mind, “is THIS who I am?”

Its so easy to change the personal pronoun “I” for the pronoun “they,” but as long as we sit on the back of this bus and just go along for the ride… “WE ARE THEY”.

The honorable Dr. Martin Luther King in his illustrious speech in Montgomery Alabama 1965 said, “The arc of the moral universe is long but it bends towards justice”. And I say to you today that WHO WE ARE IN ALL TRUTH IS… we are living, breathing, thinking, functional parts of the whole system of life in all its order and glory. We are one with the universe in mind, body and spirit, and as the universal law of justice inevitably drops its gavel… let us strive to be who WE REALLY ARE in our original universal garments of freedom, justice and equality.

As we saw in the recent tsunami in Japan, when its time for nature to express herself there is no army to stand between us and her. When its time for the harvesting of sown seeds, Sarah Palin’s scripted bumper sticker type punch lines won’t be a sufficient distraction for those in need to continue to tune out reality.

Before we were intoxicated by the modern day ‘Pharos magicians’ dazzling our minds with shiny objects of illusion, an independent thought did not seem so far fetched. Before the new Jordan’s, Brooks brothers suits and sagging jeans, we were clothed in the attire of universal order. Prior to tel-li-vision’s lies, where the tv tells lies to our vision, we actually saw each other. Do we really see each other now… as we are? Who are we … really?



  • Ezra Grant

    Ronald Mercer » Good answer… 🙂

  • Ronald Mercer

    We are democracy. We are equality. We are freedom. We are justice. We are hope. We are the future.

  • Ezra Grant

    A great article, and great question being asked in this piece. It makes you want to take a look in the mirror to see what your impact is on those around you, your community and the world in general.

    Good work Son of Man!