When Money Talks…

So is this really the example that Republican Party leaders want to leave for posterity–the New Politics 101?  The idea that future politicians can and will sell their souls to the highest Corporate bidders? And that once in office, they’ll no longer have to concern themselves with their constituents who had seemingly gone through a finely honed democratic process to elect an official who’ll represent them in Congress, only to find out that the entire process was a farce, a smoke screen, a diversion?

And yeah–I hear you, Democrats are no angels either. But there’s no comparing the fourteen Democrats who left the state in order to stonewall against Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker’s threat to pass a bill that proposed to dismantle the collective bargaining of unions, with the eight Republicans and their governor who trampled on the very Constitution they consistently claimed to honor and protect, by voting on and passing the bill under the farce of cutting the state’s deficit. Comparing the causes behind both groups’ actions shows who the real representatives of the people were; big Corporate payoffs for Republican frontmen vs upholding the constitutional rights of Wisconsinites by Democrats.

No comparison.

Republicans have rallied together to continue the Bush tax cuts for the uber-rich, playing down the fact that an increase in their taxes will reduce the deficit by generating $678 billion, and will be a lot more effective, productive and expedient toward the goal of cutting the deficit, then nickel and dime-ing the working class.

There is an evil agenda at work here, and thats to bring the country down in hopes that Americans, out of frustration and fear, will vote for The GOP in 2012. The thinking is that Americans will forget why they voted the Obama Administration into the White House in the first place. Forget that this all started under a Republican–Bush, and will rush to vote into office the very party that has been covertly–and now out in plain sight–whittling away our rights as valued, productive, thriving citizens of this country.

The middle class and the poor (and don’t be arrogant enough to disassociate with the poor, who most folks in the middle class are just one paycheck away from) are under siege. And if we aren’t careful in 2012, we will vote ourselves right into slavery. And as some of us know, that ain’t a fun place to be.

The companies that have out-sourced all of those U.S. jobs in the service, telecommunications and manufacturing industries to various foreign countries, where their products are manufactured by low income workers, will not make their obscene profits by hiring workers they have to pay, at the very least, a minimum wage.  It’s just not gonna happen folks.

As the 2012 elections approach,  we must remember the lessons we are slowly learning  today.

And Never Forget.


Amy Conton is a freelance writer and graphic designer living in New York, USA.