There Must Be Meth Addicts In The Republican Congress…

Bill Maher is considered by many on the right as a far left ideologue. But when you consider the things he says, although said in a humorous way, you have to admit that he’s usually on the money.

Take for example what he said a few days ago about the Republican party and how they govern:

“Governing this country with the Republicans is like rooming with a meth addict. You want to address real-life problems like when the rent is due, and they’re saying, ‘How could you even think of that stuff when there’s police scanner voices coming out of the air conditioning unit?!'”

Again, what he said is funny, but think about it. This economy is  trying to make its way out of what many  consider the second Great Depression. There are over 14 million Americans who’ve lost their jobs over the last 4 years, families are losing their homes at an alarming rate, middle class Americans are still continuing a downward slide into poverty – a slide that began under the Bush Administration, and there’s a war going on… not the one in Libya, but a war against the middle class and their pursuit of the “American Dream.”

But instead of focusing on these issues and coming up with policies that will get the American economy back on its feet, Republicans have focused on things like defunding NPR, taking away union rights from the middle class, eliminating funding for planned parenthood and voting to take away America’s health care reform initiatives. These are the kinds of issues that Republicans are focusing extreme energy on.

Maher says todays Republican’s style of governing is full of  “fantasies.” He went on to say, “fantasies are for sex, not public policy.” Again, funny and true. He spoke about another non-issue that many Republicans love to indulge in, this one involved Michelle Obama, and her efforts to promote  healthier eating habits for America’s youths. Maher gives this example;

“Michelle Obama’s war on desserts. For Christ’s sake, she’s just trying to get you to eat a carrot, not stick it up your ass.”

After laughing, think…

See the video here.



I’m just tired of the lies and nonsense coming from the GOP, so this is my little contribution to combat the nonsense!