Republican Governor To Raise Taxes–On The Poor!

The American people have been bamboozled by the Republican party and nowhere is this more evident than in what’s happening in Michigan.

Republican governor, Rick Snyder has finally figured out that raising taxes is the way to get his state out of a financial hole, and while most rational Americans had figured this out a while ago in regards to the wealthy paying their fair share of the tax burden,  Snyder in his infinite wisdom, has decided that raising  taxes for seniors and poor people is the way to go.

As reported by Rachel Maddow below, Rick Snyder will raise $1.7 billion off the backs of the poor and elderly citizens in Michigan, then – get this – he will give this ‘ found’ funds to corporations in the form of a tax cut.

But that’s only part of the governor’s plans. In the bill Slick Rick is proposing, he will actually take away the voting rights of the people.  Mr. Snyder will be able to personally dictate who runs certain districts in Michigan, regardless of who the people voted for.

Rachel explains below in the video.

Thanks to Jillie @Theresthatbear for this video.


I'm just tired of the lies and nonsense coming from the GOP, so this is my little contribution to combat the nonsense!