For The Teaparty, Happy Days Are Here Again!

Although the Republicans took over control of the House of Representatives in November and demanded an almost $1 trillion increase to the deficit to provide a tax cut to the rich, a recent poll suggests that the-government-is-spending-too-much-we-must-reduce-the-deficit Teaparty is now happier than ever before.

The poll, conducted by Pew Research Center finds that fewer people are angry at the government. Pew reports;

Overall, the percentage saying they are angry with the federal government has fallen from 23% last September to 14% today, with much of the decline coming among Republicans and Tea Party supporters.

Not surprisingly, the poll breaks down along party lines, with Republicans showing a more favorable outlook at the government. Back in September 2010, 33% claimed to be angry, as compared to 16% now. The excitement among the Teapartiers saw a 19 point increase, with their anger at government in September 2010 at 47%, but falling to 28% now. Democrats on the other hand showed a September 2010 anger level of 11%, and falling to 10% now.

Besides a $900 billion increase in the deficit, what else have the Republicans done to generate such happiness amongst Republicans and the Teaparty electorate?

Well, they really haven’t done much of anything else. What they have done is made a lot of promises! Apparently, these promises are enough for the Teaparty and their fellow Republicans. Among the promises;

  1. Repealing Health care, which will add another $230 billion more to the deficit according to CBO
  2. A promise to cut $61 billion from the budget, that would reduce services to pregnant women and, according to economist Paul Krugman, would “literally be stealing food from the mouths of babes.”
  3. John Boehner, the Republican Speaker of the House of Representatives has promised to slash jobs by as much as 200,000, and another 700,000 this year’s end.

These are just some of the promises the Republican electorate are elated about. Adding trillions to the deficit, increasing unemployment and causing what many economists call a slowdown in our economic recovery. These actions just tickles the Teaparty.

Just imagine their joy if we plunge into another great depression.


I’m just tired of the lies and nonsense coming from the GOP, so this is my little contribution to combat the nonsense!


  • Ezra Grant

    @ Jake.

    Are you serious? Democrats trying to hold on to corrupt unions is the political game? Really?

    You see absolutely nothing wrong with a Republican governor trying to take away the first constitutional rights of Americans? You know, that old freedom of speech stuff! You see nothing wrong with trying to silence the American workers and dictating how they organize if they so choose?

    The game as I see it can be summed up in the bogus phone call Scott Walker received from a blogger. Thinking it was David Koch, Walker show his true color – getting rid of the unions because they contribute mostly to Democratic candidates. That Mr. Jake, is the definition of a game.

  • Jake

    Only political game that I see is Desperate Democrats trying to hold on to corrupt union leader’s money flowing into their campaign. Great Job..GOP stick it to them where it hurts. This is definitely fun watching demorats running away to Obama state in droves…I hope they all get arrested, fined and get fired. By the way Ezra … I stumbled into this site as a mistake but, you gave me a great laugh about your loony toon comments today. Thanks…ha ha. Go! Go! GOP!

  • Ezra Grant

    Leesa, I couldn’t have said it any better. It is just a political game these Republicans and the Teaparty are playing. They will prefer to bring America to its knees under this Democratic administration if it means the people will elect a Republican next time around.

    “Winning” at all cost, no matter what the cost is!

  • Leesa

    Of course the Tea Party is happy. If the country crashes and burns (even if it affects them personally) they can stand up and shout “See?? Obama is a horrible President!” Never mind that it’s what the GOP is doing that is causing the problem. They don’t care about that. It’s all about scoring points, and “winning” at all costs. Having and holding power is paramount. Governing does not matter to them – if it did, the Bush years would have upset them greatly. It’s all about having “their side” in power, regardless of what that really means.

    And they don’t realize that the richest few are playing them for fools – nor would they care. As long as they can count a “win”, the country can fall into ruin. It’s a sad and pathetic attitude, but there it is.