Did Little Scottie Walker Add To The Bill After Votes Were Held?

News coming out of Wisconsin suggests that Scott Walker added more language to the union busting bill after the votes were held, but before signing it into law. The news states that two items not mentioned in the vote on March 9th, were miraculously found in the bill on March 10th.

Thursday, the fiscal bureau was forced to correct its memo describing the bill, after unearthing some more buried treasure.  Seems there were a few things the original memo forgot to mention:

There are two items in the LFB’s March 10 document that are not reflected in the March 9 document.

1. The March 10 document includes a provision of the substitute amendment on the Earned Income Tax Credit (page 3, #1).

2. The March 10 document includes a provision of the substitute amendment on the Sale and Contractual Operation of State-Owned Power Plants (page 20, #1).

The lies of Mr. Walker are amazingly transparent. He introduced the original package stating that the very future of Wisconsin depended on passing this bill. After Wisconsin Democratic senators refused to show up for the vote, Walker and his Republican cohorts created a “nuclear” option by removing what they called, the “non-financial” part of the bill – the union busting measure – and held the vote.

And now that the two provisions were snuck into law as part of the “non-financial” union busting measure, it reeks illegality all around. Walker and his Republican congress should be tried in a court of law and let the justice system have its way.

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