Americans Losing Faith In The Teaparty

A new CNN poll reveals some shocking details – Americans are wising up to the Teaparty and what they really stand for. Imagine that? The poll shows that the unfavorable rating of the Teaparty have risen to 47%. That’s up from a year ago, when more Americans bought into their so-called “grassroots” foundation.

Since January 2010, when only 26% of Americans found the movement to be unfavorable, more revelations were made about where their funds were coming from. And with those revelations, more and more Americans began realizing that the Teaparty movement is a lobbying organization for the rich. People like the Koch brothers and Dick Armey have invested heavily into the Teaparty, and in return for their investment, the movement goes out to protest any policy measure that goes against their rich sponsors.

But although a majority of Americans view the Teaparty in an unfavorable way, they are not alone. The CNN poll also finds both the Democratic and Republican party with a high unfavorable reading. Democrat’s polls split almost down the middle, with 46% in favor and 48% expressing a negative view. Republicans are in the same boat. The American people voted 44% in favor of the GOP, and 48% against.



I’m just tired of the lies and nonsense coming from the GOP, so this is my little contribution to combat the nonsense!