Poll Finds Half Of Americans Believe Health Care Was Repealed

In a nation of newspapers, radios, televised media and even the internet including the google, information is still not reaching the masses. Or, maybe the masses don’t want to accept the information that they’re getting. In either case, a new  Kaiser Health poll found that only half of Americans know that Health Care was not repealed.

According to the poll, 48% of Americans either believed the law was repealed or did not know enough about the law to say whether it was still in effect. Just 52% of Americans correctly know that the law is still in effect.

Congressional Republicans can therefore exhale. If half of Americans think the bill has already been repealed, then what’s the fuss? John Boehner should just let this segment of society – probably ardent FOX viewers –  continue believing that Republicans have done what they promised.

The rest of us – the other half who know the repeal bill will never reach the President’s desk and if it does, it will be vetoed – we will play along, wink wink!


I’m just tired of the lies and nonsense coming from the GOP, so this is my little contribution to combat the nonsense!


  • Joe Moreno

    @ Diana, shut the hell up, you moron and go back to reading newsmax! Get off here, you troll!!! I see you didn’t thoroughly read the whole article and you argue like a 4th grader!

  • Amy

    @ Lorne Marr: I personally cannot find fault with a mandate. Those of us who do have health care insurance have already been mandated to cover the cost of non healthcare insurance carriers with every trip they make to the emergency room of public hospitals, which is how most non carriers are going to get seen by a doctor. If we want to talk about carrying one’s own weight and if there’s an offer for a sliding price scale (hopefully) of affordable income for every type of salary, then why not do it?

  • Ezra Grant

    There is nothing wrong with that, and many other provisions in the bill that will benefit the American people. The Republicans however are against it because it puts more power in the hands of the people, instead of the insurance companies.

  • I am not a supporter of the individual mandate but I think the bill contains some very good provisions such as the one saying that nobody can be denied health insurance based on pre-existing conditions. What is so bad about this one?

  • Ezra Grant


  • Amy

    @Diana: So you’re proud to be a FOX viewer huh?…and right about the same time as our dumbasses–who voted for Obama and healthcare reform–are receiving our exorbitant hospital bills, your dumbass will be laying up in bed dying from cervical cancer cuz your dumbass couldn’t afford to pay the cost for cancer treatment once your dumbass health insurance company refused to cover the fees for your “pre-existing condition” that’s probably on its way to killing all the other women in your dumbass family.


  • Diana

    Fox viewers KNOW this POS legislation hasn’t been repealed!!!! It’s probably the dumb asses that voted for Obozo do not know it is still in effect!! They”ll find out when they go the emergency room and don’t get that “free” healthcare!!! Shhhhhh…………….The dumbasses will figure it out when they get a bill in the mail!!!