Glenn Beck – “It’s Time For Everyone To Pay Their Fair Share.”

Glenn Beck says everyone should “pay their fair share” – that is, those pesky middle class Americans. If you’re a millionaire who gets tons of tax cuts and tax loopholes from the Government, then Beck thinks you’re not getting enough.

The call to pay up came when Glenn Beck put his two cents in regarding the story in Wisconsin, where the Republican governor is trying to silence the unions by taking away their bargaining abilities. Governor Scott Walker suggests the reason for trying to implement these rules – which includes a requirement that public workers pay half the costs of their pen­sions and  at least 12.6 per­cent of their health care cov­er­age – is for budgetary reasons.

“You know who should be angry are not the unions [sic], the parents,” Beck laments, when talking about the teachers who left the classrooms in Wisconsin for 2 days to join the protesting.

How dare you! How dare you do this and take time off from the class rooms. Have you seen your test scores?

…. this has not gotten better as they promised under Jimmy Carter when we got the Department of Education and all they did was organize labor, organize the money, suck us dry and tell us exactly how politically correct we have to be. Its not working. And I’m sorry, it’s time for everyone to pay their fair share. To pay for some of what they receive.

Words spoken by a millionaire who, as recently as December 2010, criticized the government for wanting to allow the tax rates on himself and other millionaires and billionaires to go back to what they were under Bill Clinton – a massive increase of 3%.

Teachers, union members and other middle class Americans have been paying our fair share and some of yours too Glenn Beck, when are you going to join us and do the same?


I’m just tired of the lies and nonsense coming from the GOP, so this is my little contribution to combat the nonsense!