What Will A Health Care Repeal Mean For You

Senate Democrats Laude Health Care Bill
Senator Harry Reid Democrat  from Nevada

Republicans in the House of Representatives succeeded today in getting enough votes to repeal the Health Care Act, signed into Law by President Obama in March 2010. They are trying to persuade the Senate – which is still controlled by Democrats and led by Harry Reid of Nevada – to continue the repeal process. Senator Reid has signaled no desire to bring the Health Care repeal to a vote in the Senate, thus, the bill is dead on arrival.

But congressional Republicans are not giving up. They have assured their conservative base and the Teaparty that they will do all they can to take away their health care. So the next step for these Congressional Republicans will be to defund the bill to the point that it cannot be properly implemented.

What does this mean for the average American?

Well, the parts of the bill that have  already been implemented, will get rolled back if  funding is no longer there. Some of these benefits that Americans will lose include:

  • Children with pre-existing health conditions will once again be dropped from their parent’s coverage
  • Young adults under the age of 26 will no longer be able to stay on their parent’s policy
  • Seniors will once again have to split the cost of prescription drugs in half, because the additional funds provided by the Health Care reform will no longer be available
  • Insurance companies will use less of the money they collect in premiums for your health care needs. More of your premium will be used for overhead expenses and CEO bonuses
  • You will no longer have the additional  options given under the Health Care reform bill to appeal health insurance decisions regarding your coverage
  • You will have to pay for preventative care.

These are just some of the measures from Obama’s Health Care reform that have already been in effect, and will be lost if the Republicans get their way.

Oh, and let’s not forget the tremendous  financial implications. See the video below for more…

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