Teaparty Says Nothing Wrong with Guns at Political Rallies

Some people just don’t get it, either because they’re ignorant, or they’re uninterested in reality. But in either case, they come across as just plain stupid, and in this case, a liar too!

That was exactly how Jason Phillips, founder of the Teaparty Nation appeared, when he was interviewed today on Chris Matthews show on MSNBC. When Mr. Phillips was asked if he believed guns should be brought to a political rally, Mr. Phillips first claimed ” I haven’t seen any” at the political rallies he’s gone to.

Chris continued questioning and pointing out how stupid Phillips’ argument was, then the question was asked again, “do you believe guns should be brought to a political rally.” ¬†Forgetting what he said a few moments ago Phillips responded;

I was at a political rally in Arizona a few months ago. People openly carry out there and I felt perfectly safe! I wasn’t worried in the least!

Meanwhile, six people died less than 48 hours ago, and a congresswoman is fighting for her life. Someone brought a gun to a political event in a supermarket. Mr. Jason Phillips, founder of the Teaparty Nation, saw nothing wrong this scenario.

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I’m just tired of the lies and nonsense coming from the GOP, so this is my little contribution to combat the nonsense!