Pelosi to Cantor – No Thank You, I Already Have A Date

The new Republican House Majority Leader Eric Cantor invited House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi to sit with him tonight for the State Of The Union Address, but according to a tweet from Mrs. Pelosi, she turned him down. The tweet read;

“I thank @GOPLeader for his #SOTU offer, but I invited my friend Rep. [Roscoe] Bartlett from MD yesterday & am pleased he accepted.

And maybe it is fitting that Nancy chose another date for tonight’s ball. Reports from The Hill recalls Mr. Cantor as recently as Monday, criticizing Nancy Pelosi for not meeting with him regularly, or as often as he would like. The report quotes Cantor as saying;

“I would love to have the opportunity for her to engage in some type of working relationship so that we can actually deliver results. Thus far it seems she is continuing to drive the ideological agenda just the same as she did over the last four years.”

If asking Nancy to be his date tonight was Cantor’s way of making up, Pelosi wasn’t having it. Her spokesman Nadeam Elshami released a statement defending Mrs. Pelosi, saying;

“It’s important to set the record straight. The fact is, Leader Pelosi has met with Speaker Boehner on numerous occasions both as Speaker and since he became Speaker, and offered to hold regular meetings. Democrats remain committed to working with Republicans to create jobs, strengthen the middle class and reduce the deficit.”

Next time, maybe Cantor should just send flowers!


I’m just tired of the lies and nonsense coming from the GOP, so this is my little contribution to combat the nonsense!


  • Amy

    Uuh -huh! That’s what I’m talkn’ bout!!

  • Ezra Grant

    @Amy. Oh please babe babe please babe babe pleaseeeeee!

  • Amy

    That’s right Nancy—make him beg for it lol!!