Macho-Man Tim Pawlenty Calls President Obama a Chicken

In an effort to take the “chicken” label off himself, Tim Pawlenty,  often described as  “softee” and “mild mannered” tore up the civility memo and dived head-first into Republican macho-ness… He called the president a chicken!

Well, he did!

The Presidential hopeful appeared in friendly territory on “Fox & Friends” and spoke about President Obama’s State of The Union Address, and the president’s “failure” to mention entitlement programs for the disenfranchised. Pawlenty said;

“He swung and whiffed at one of the biggest challenges facing the country, he didn’t even address entitlement spending. He’s chicken to not address the real issues.”

A Fox host, surprised by Pawlenty’s reference to the President as a “chicken” asked if this was the new tougher Pawlenty, to which the Macho-man replied, she should not confuse being “Minnesota nice” with “being weak.”

Yeah, pick on the country’s downtrodden Mr. Tough Guy! My Grandmama could’ve taken you.


I’m just tired of the lies and nonsense coming from the GOP, so this is my little contribution to combat the nonsense!