Did Glenn Beck Just Call for Fareed Zakaria to be Killed?

It all started with Beck’s bogus claims that there are 157 million muslim terrorists. Beck first made the claim in a 2003 book, to which he gained very little press. He then recently repeated the claim and on Sunday, Fareed Zakaria, host of CNN’s GPS took up the Beckster and called his claims “total nonsense.”

“Beck wondered why this wasn’t receiving any media coverage, well, let me suggest one reason. It is total nonsense. A figure made up by Glenn Beck with absolutely no basis in fact.”

Fareed then suggested that by his very actions, Glenn Beck himself could also be considered a terrorist. Basing his question on Beck’s claims, Fareed asked the following question, saying if violent actions against someone’s government could be considered a terrorist act, then “how would one describe a man who has been fueling such anger against the American government on television daily for the last two years? How, in other words, would one describe Glenn Beck?”

Glenn Beck, the golden child of FOX unbiased NEWS network shot back;

“If I said to Fareed Zakaria, ‘Fareed, I’m not going to kill you, but I support the people who do want to kill you,’ am I a problem, Fareed? Yes! Yes, I would be a problem! If you said to somebody, ‘Hey Glenn, I’m not going to kill you myself, but man… I don’t have any problem with anybody who wants to take their bare hands and snap your neck’–excuse me?”

So now we wait… either for the unthinkable actions of  some crazy nut who decides to take Glenn up on his careless suggestive words, or for the authorities like the FCC to finally realize the loose lips of Glenn Beck has once again, for the millionth time, gone too far.

We wait…!


I’m just tired of the lies and nonsense coming from the GOP, so this is my little contribution to combat the nonsense!


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  • Ezra Grant


    Although some on #p2 did take that route and called for her death etc, the majority of us realized doing that was not the way to go. But you simply cannot stay quiet knowing that Palin has willfully said and done things that add to the toxic political environment we have now.

    And when Gabrielle Giffords herself mention being placed under Sarah Palin’s crosshairs, then people react!

  • Ezra Grant


  • Bronx

    You mean like the nut that shot Gabrielle Gifford????????????.

  • Bronx

    The left did a great job tearing down Sarah Palin on twitter via #P2, CALLING FOR HER DEATH, THAT SHE CONTRACT CANCER AND DIE after the shooting Gabrielle GIFFORD and many others. WHY WASTE YOUR GOD GIVEN TALENTS ON THIS GARBAGE. WHAT AN EMBARRASSMENT!.

  • Ezra Grant


    We simply cannot allow fear to overcome decency. Beck definitely have a following, but good will always overcome bad, always!

  • caroline

    All of this is getting very frightening. I can tell you that if we manage to get Beck off the air, I’m almost afraid of what is going to happen. His gun toting, hypnotized fans are ready to rumble.
    I purposely got on a right wing blog, and the filth is breathtaking re: Olbermann’s leaving, & it looks like they’re messaging each other that if that happens to Glenn that they all know what they are going to do.

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  • Ezra Grant

    You’ve said it all, and I’m sure George Soros had nothing to do with it lol.

    The main problem with today’s political discourse is one side is trying to have an adult conversation with a goal of moving this country along, and the other side are filled with kids, who will say anything, or do anything to get to the next level. And even kids today act more mature than what we get from the right.

    It is hard to have a grownup conversation when one side is missing the grownups!

  • And Williams may just be the tip of the iceberg but look at the narrative, night after night he claims it is us, the left, that are inciting violence and his followers rabbit this mantra on facebook and twitter with nothing to back it up – the latest being anyone that does not agree with Beck must be a paid George Soros “stooge” – it would be laughable if it wasn’t actually influencing people.

    This is why I support the Stop Beck and Drop Fox campaigns – accountability – sadly the only way we will get that is when someone really gets hurt in Becks name – although he will claim that is a liberal conspiracy too.

  • Ezra Grant

    Exactly! You mention the perfect example in Byron Williams. And worse is, Beck knows these lunatics are out there just listening for the buzz words to be used, then they act. And he continually, recklessly say the things he say.

    Someone needs to hold him accountant when others act on his words!

  • Brilliant, brilliant post. Sadly Beck like so many right wingers hides behind FOS – they spout their racist, violent, fear rhetoric and then scream “FREEDOME OF SPEECH” whenever someone calls them up on the line constantly being stepped over.

    And as you say Beck may think he was joking – but he has so many nuts following him, it only takes one – we all know his fans take him at his word. Just look at Bryon Williams.

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