Conservative Bobby Jindal’s Sand Berns a Colossal Waste Of Money

Bobby Jindal, 55th and current Governor of the...
Bobby Jindal – GOP governor of Louisiana

In the midst of the BP Oil spill, tempers ran high, accusations ran rampant and Bobby Jindal, governor of Louisiana didn’t miss a beat when it came to accusing the federal of not doing all it could to stop the oil from coming ashore along the coastline of Louisiana.

In Bobby Jindal’s opinion, the only way to protect the coastline was to have BP make a $360 million investment in sand berms, which are man-made sand structures built along the beaches to keep out the oil.

BP invested the $360 million for Bobby’s baby project.

Now, after 14 miles of sand berns have been erected and $195 million spent, a presidential commission is calling Jindal’s baby a colossal waste. Other words used to describe Jindal’s sand berns were “underwhelmingly effective, overwhelmingly expensive.” Mr. Jindal of course, calls the sand barriers a “great success.”

A great success?

As reported by The Associated Press, here’s the commission’s take on what Mr. Jindal calls a “great success.”

“We disagree,” the commission said in its report. “From a long-term coastal restoration perspective, the berms may indeed be a `significant step forward,’ as Gov. Jindal has claimed, but they were not successful for oil spill response.”

The government has said that much of the crude that spewed from BP’s well following the April 20 rig explosion was skimmed, burned, collected or dispersed. E-mails, internal reports and a log of oil sightings obtained by AP confirm that very little of the estimated 200 million gallons that gushed from the bottom of the sea has been seen on or recovered from the berms.

In its report, the commission said the National Incident Command — the task force headed for much of the crisis by retired Coast Guard Adm. Thad Allen — was initially skeptical of the plan, but allowed “political considerations” and influence from the White House to affect its posture toward the project.

Rob Young, a coastal scientist at Western Carolina University, said the $360 million could have been better spent on removing oil and restoring damaged lands than on a “back-of-the-napkin kind of project” that so far has amounted to nothing more than drawing a “pencil line of sand.”

Mr. Bobby Jindal, another Republican governor who preaches conservatism when everyone is watching, spends nearly $200 million to build sandcastles on the beaches of Louisiana. How much would he spend to put water in the ocean?

Inquiring minds want to know…!