G.O.P David Vitter Likes Prostitution, But Not Prosecution

Talk about a double-standard! GOP Senator from Louisana, David Vitter was caught in a prostitution ring back in 2007. The prostitute was arrested for her crimes, but Mr. Vitter, who carried the GOP’s banner of  “family values” high for all to see, has yet to answer any questions concerning his role in the sting.

GOP David Vitter

This story must make all the “johns” angry.

We’ve seen so many Dateline episodes where officers acting as prostitutes trap unsuspecting johns for solicitation, where just passing money to a prostitute is all that’s needed for an arrest. In Mr. Vitter’s case, a little more than money was passed.

On the video below, one of the prostitutes spoke of an encounter with The Family Values Guy, and details him coming to the hotel room, taking a shower and 15 minutes later…..well, we all know what happened in that time period.

Why is Vitter still skating below the radea? A crime was committed and one party to the crime was arrested. Last time I checked, prostitution involved at least two people. If the prostitute was arrested and later took her own life, Mr. Vitter should at least be expected to answer some questions on his extra-marital affairs.


I’m just tired of the lies and nonsense coming from the GOP, so this is my little contribution to combat the nonsense!