The Real Sharron Angle. A look at the Nut in a Nutshell

Over the last few weeks, there have been a lot of back and forth, the he said the she said and the threats about lawsuits between the Sharron Angle and Harry Reid campaigns. So I decided to take a look at what’s going on to get an idea what the fuss was really all about.

Sharron Angle

Here’s a brief outline of what’s going on:

When Sharron Angel began her campaign for the Senate primary back in June, she had a website that listed all her achievements and her political beliefs. Her website listed what policies she would like to change if elected as the new Senator for Nevada.

The problem is after winning the primary, Sharron Angle saw the ugly truth- that a majority of Nevadans and Americans for that matter, disagreed with her stance on just about every political issue. So the geniuses behind her campaign decided to take down her old website and create a less, right-winged-nut-job leaning website. Technology however, was something the Angle’s campaign didn’t bet on.

Enter Harry Reid, Senator of Nevada.

The Reid campaign decided,  and rightly so,  that the real Sharon Angle should please stand up. They checked the archives for the old website and brought it back online under the new name, The Real Sharon Angle. The Angle campaign became livid. They were shocked! Shocked I tell ya, that anyone would dare try to associate Mrs. Angle to, Mrs. Angle. So shocked they were, that they sent the Reid campaign a cease and desist letter, threatening a lawsuit if Sharron Angle’s views on policies were made public through this site.

…In A Nutshell!

  • Her views that Social Security and Medicare should not only be privatized, but eliminated entirely through a “phasing out” process, where seniors would be gradually cut off from receiving these benefits. Benefits that Mrs. Angle refers to as “Welfare.”

  • Her views that the Education system, including Pell Grants should be dismantled and eliminated.
  • Mrs. Angle believes that Corporations should be allowed to police themselves and companies like BP should be relieved of whatever regulations they’re now under. Let the people affected by the actions of these companies fend for themselves.
  • Wall Street Reform, as far as Sharron Angle is concerned is a joke. Not because of too little regulation or a watered down bill, but a joke because she wants no regulation at all. And while millions are still suffering from the decisions of those on Wall Street, Mrs. Angle believes that not regulating or reforming how business is conducted will be the better way to go.
  • On Healthcare, Sharron Angle voted against a bill in the Nevada Assembly requiring Insurance companies to cover cancer screening. Sharron Angle is one of those far right winged enthusiast who believe that the ability to seek medical insurance should be reserved for those with the finances. If you can’t afford it, stay your butt at home with your cancer and die for all she cares.
  • On Jobs and the unemployed benefits, Sharron again sides with big businesses and corporations. She even went as far as calling the unemployed “spoiled,” saying;

“You can make more money on unemployment than you can going down and getting one of those jobs that is an honest job but it doesn’t pay as much. We’ve put in so much entitlement into our government that we really have spoiled our citizenry.”

On and on and on, nuttery goes. She has issues with tap water and voted against a bill requiring fluoridation in two Nevada counties in 1999. She enlisted and supports armed militias, one in particular called the Oath Keepers. She proclaimed to a crowed back in February, “I call myself an oath keeper.” According to its website and the founder of Oath keepers Stewart Rhodes, the group believes that it is their constitutional right to defend against the government any orders to disarm the American people.

In an interview held on Bill O’Reilly show, Mr. Stewart Rhodes was asked about this fear that Americans will be disarmed and placed under martial law. He explained;

It happened as recently as Katrina. You probably have seen the videos there of an old lady being tackled in her kitchen and disarmed of her revolver. And there was house-to-house searches for firearms. And you have the police chief declaring that no one would be allowed to have weapons, and they’re going to take all the guns. And they did. So they disarmed Americans over some bad weather. As though the bad weather suspended the Second Amendment. So that’s the most recent example.

It was then pointed out to Mr. Rhodes that New Orleans was in a state of emergency, and that local authorities couldn’t control the city. Rhodes replied, “So you call it state of emergency. Call it what you want. It’s still unconstitutional.”

This is what Sharron Angle is trying to hide from the American people. Sharron Angle is trying to keep you from seeing the only thing that is a threat to her winning in November. Sharron Angel is trying to keep you from meeting, Sharron Angel – the nut in a nutshell.


  • Reginald Solman

    I was wondering if anyone could tell me just what exactly the midterm elections may possibly mean pertaining to free college awards. It looks like the Republicans will certainly look to slash almost everything they can cut and that probably means grants for college education. I just don’t comprehend precisely how these people think this nation will ever remain competitive, if your price of higher education continues to go up, but grants end up being more difficult to obtain. It’s distressing to imagine I’ll be in debt $40,000 or higher as well as not really knowing if I might even find a job opportunity after I graduate in this tight economy.

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  • Florentino Zoeller

    I seriously like your post. I discovered it quite usefull. I will have to go to your website again some day.

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  • Ezra Grant

    That party cannot even spell INTEGRITY. They’ve never heard the word!

  • Good article!! Lessons of the internet, nothing is gone forever, everything is public and don’t be stupid enough to think otherwise. When running for public office remember the quote about INTEGRITY and hope you have some… “Integrity means never having to look over your shoulder.” Yeh, she is screwed! Oh, but again that party really doesn’t look at that sort of thing now does it?

    Good work here:)

  • Nuttier than a pecan pistachio peanut-butter sandwich!

    First rule about the memory hole? You don’t talk about the memory hole. Second rule about the memory hole? You DO NOT. TALK. ABOUT THE MEMORY HOLE.