• Jennifer

    Well said. These people are just stupid, garden variety assholes that hate everyone that isn’t a white, middle-aged, middle class, mediocre, heterosexual jerkoff. They don’t have a decent bone in their bodies and pretend they’re the gold standard of “America, the beautiful”. Luck at this witch. She’s hideous. Her soul has made her an ugly, foul crone.

    These people will kill America is they’re not squashed and NOW.

  • Jennifer

    What kind of “actor” is the sad, little clown, Rand Paul? The people in the bagger haggle that embarrass you, you attempt to palm off on the Left. Don’t even bother projecting your pussy skullfucker onto US. We’ll eat your damned heads, you feeble little bitch.

  • Guarda il film

    Keep it up!

  • Carroll B. Merriman

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  • dehyphenator

    Wtf is w/ the hyphenfest in comments????
    Fukn ann-oy-ing .. ..-

    – – –

  • It’s always interesting to listen to a well thought out policy suggestion. “Boil Liberals.” Lovely.

    I’ll grant that all Tea Partyers are not as unhinged as the woman featured in this video, but the absurdity of this protest movement beginning after all of the damage has been done in incomprehensible. To suggest that the current administration is the source of this country’s economic woes is to have been asleep during the entirety of the Bush administration. Party on Garth. Ray

  • Ezra Grant

    @ joe H.

    If it is “staged” as you say, why would she have to think “on her feet?” Why wouldn’t they already have the script prepared? Why would she have to “think on her feet?”

  • IslandGyal

    Thank you, this is the reason I view teabaggers are highly dangerous types.

    @”These are the same type of peo­ple who in the 1800’s, 1920’s attended pic­nics where black folks were tor­tured and mur­dered with­out a sliver of remorse in their wicked and evil souls.”

  • joe h

    If that wasn’t a STAGED commentary I don’t know what is!!! I’m a union film and commerical tech and that was SOOOOOO obvious it wasn’t funny. She had dark glasses and a hoodie on to CONCEAL herself she had the smallest sign she could possibly come up with and it was sooo obvious she was thinking on her feet trying to think of something provocative to say! ONLY dumb gullible predisposed idiots will buy this one!! Get a UNION actor next time!!!!

  • Ezra Grant

    @ SmartKat. Would her statement about killing a group of people offend you more if she wasn’t “on the street?” Or are you okay with it because she’s on your side?

  • SmartKat

    An anonymous person on the street saying crazy stuff.
    Both sides have a few whackos!

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  • Tired of This

    Enough already. Next, if they have their way, it will be a return to lynchings. These are the same type of people who in the 1800’s, 1920’s attended picnics where black folks were tortured and murdered without a sliver of remorse in their wicked and evil souls. Call them right-wing, call them conservataives if you wish, they are nothing more than racists, who have been waiting for a way in order to express their hatred which had been bubbling just before the surface for years. Yet, unfortunately for them, there is a difference here in 2010, there are no more slaves, and guess what, SOME PEOPLE also have guns (the second amendment guarantees that to all citizens)just in case you forgot. So if you feel so inclined to boil somebody, try it, and let’s see how far you get. Enough. They really don’t want to see what happens if everybody decided to use their rights. They are going to take it one step too far and all hell is going to break loose.

  • Brian

    Another ignorant barbarian savage Republican. The Republicans are truly ignorant savages. I stand corrected: I want to apologize to savages. Savages are sophisticated compared to these ignorant dangerous animals.

  • “Nothing better than a dead liberal” she says. Well I’m a liberal and I think that is a threat to kill me. I think I should file a criminal complaint against her. In Kentucky, threatening to kill someone is called “terroristic threatening” and it is a felony.

  • John M

    O please, for the love of humanity, get some medical marijuana to these people and mellow them out. Their meds are not working.

  • Craig R. Lane

    Idiots and their idiocy…ignorant and ugly “Americans” at their dumbest and most hideous. Thanks Glenn Beck…whoever would have known that retardation is contagious and you catch it from FOX “News” programming…I would like to end with a full litany of violent and sick suggestions of what I would like to do with scum like the woman in the video, but I will refrain from such unenlightened and vulgar diatribes…But I am thinking it. I am also smiling….hmmmmm.