Anderson Cooper points out the foolish Birther theory

Kudos to Anderson Cooper, the first CNN reporter I’ve seen so far that stepped to the plate with facts, and show the ignorance of a small fraction of Americans and some elected leaders. Mr Cooper had an elected official on his show and questioned him about the lies and mis-information about President Obama’s birth.

Following failed legislation in Arizona requiring any presidential candidates campaigning in that state to show proof of natural-born citizen or a birth certificate, Anderson Cooper brought one of the state legislator on his show, Anderson Cooper 360.

Cecil Ash is an Arizona State Representative  for Legislative District 18. He came on Anderson Cooper 360 expecting the usual walk-in-the-park interview, with no hard questions to answer. He expected to come on the show and get the usual 5 minutes of talking non stop, expressing his views that the President is not a natural-born citizen on the United States. Instead, he was hit with a barrage of questions by Anderson Cooper, pointing out how stupid this whole birther conspiracy really is.

The first question by Anderson Cooper took Mr. Ash off his game. Anderson asked,

Do you believe Barack Obama is an American born in Hawaii?

There was a pause, then Mr Ash began answering the question, clearly thinking that this was a question he wasn’t prepared for.

Ah, ye…. all the evidence I’ve seen is that he, ah… was born in Hawaii. I’ve seen a birth certificate on the internet, of course you can’t believe everything you see on the internet, so… I’ve never personally investigated it or studied it.

Pressed again by Mr Cooper on whether he believed Mr Obama was an American, Mr. Ash admitted by saying, “yes, I do.”

Straight from a birther’s mouth.

Just goes to show that when a reporter presents facts, instead of allowing for political theatrics, the American people benefits.

This video is worth the time. Enjoy!


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  • Lonnie Frack

    Awesome chum. Its excellent and such an remarkable point. I’d include this to my rss feed

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  • Hi Ezra,

    It’s amazing to me that this topic has been afforded the sustained level of media attention that it has. This ridiculous allegation that has been debunked ages ago, yet it is kept on life support by the media. Only birthers, with their unchangeable minds, have ever given the question of President Obama’s birthplace any credence.

    This wasn’t a tough nut to crack for Anderson Cooper, but it was interesting to hear the Arizona Representative say that he didn’t know that the April Fool’s story was made up. Ray