Bipartisanship, is defined in the dictionary as - representing, characterized by, or including members from two parties or factions. It went on to say, consisting of, or supported by members of two parties, especially two major political parties.

A simple explanation about bipartisanship leads to this simple question. Can the Democrats and Republicans work together in a bipartisan way? Can they come together and solve the problems affecting the American people?

Simple answer? No.

Here’s my simple reason for saying that:

This is not your parents’ Republican party. They’re a different breed. It’s always been considered that while the Democratic party looks out for the interest of the common people, Republicans interest are geared towards Corporations.

Even with that knowledge however, Republicans of days gone by showed more concern about the people of this great nation and their well-being. Corporations did not take second place to the American people, Republicans just knew how to keep their fight for these corporations more  private. It was all about putting on a show, and letting the American people think it was about them.

But those were the days. And those days are now gone.

Today’s Republicans have only one thing to lose, and that’s the corporate dollars funneled to their PACs. These “elected officials” don’t care if you know who they’re protecting. What was once done in the dark has made its way to light, and they’ll go on television and fight for the longevity of a Corporation over a human life, and they don’t care if you figured it out.

Look at how worked up they get when one of their interests are threatened. Health Care Insurance providers and Oil Companies are two example where Republicans’ stance is – let them make money, even if it means denying health care to the sick and them dying. Republicans’ stance is, let oil companies run wild and raise prices to the point where consumers are left to put more air in their tires to save a few dollars on gas.

They don’t care if you’ve figured it out, who are you anyway? You are just simple human beings, who can’t make their pockets fat. And now that the conservative Supreme Court have validated their fight, by calling corporations people, Republicans are now even bolder.

The sad thing is, these Republicans realize they’re in the minority, so what do they do? They’ve managed to convince the poorer and sometimes, least knowledgeable among us to fight their cause for them. It’s unbelievable to see the very old or the very young marching up and down the streets fighting for the wealthy. And as long as the republicans keep these people uninformed and scared, then their corporate friends stay happy, thus, more money in their pockets.

Bipartisanship defeats this Corporate agenda. If the Corporate agenda is defeated, Republicans lose money.

Washington is filled with lobbyist, but they’re not registered with corporations, they’re registered with the Republican party.


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